Cloud & The Guard by Luna Allegra

Day 5

On this fifth day of the 7 Days of Poetry series, cocktailmolly presents to you all the earthly poetess Luna Allegra.  Readers will find her poems to be riddles with great imagery.  Her work is always stunning & leaves one surprise they understand her work while yearning for another creative outburst from her.  rEaD & N-joy.


Roads doubt their own signs
Once heart address
Now delineates

Concerns don’t rest
Above our heads
Diabolic cloud hangs

About to vent resentment
Mystical sneering harasses

Disparity climbs to the stars
Behind the cloud’s back
Its notorious majesty mustn’t see
How we act.


The Guard

Anxiety wins
The front lines tremble between the pauses
Secrets command efflorescence of roses
The guard

Question of life or death
Hauls along every thread
That tracks down quivering origin
On set.

The list of spoken words narrows
Into oblivion
Guts can’t afford fee for a different course
Continuously sinking into a million
Violent surges of remorse.

Luna Allegra  is a poet with a true love for reading, creative writing, and traveling. She studied English & language on a collegiate level & admits to her inspiration comes from books , travels and organic interpersonal relationships.

Featured artwork by Australian artist Brian Dunn.

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