Light On Broken Glass by Laura Romig

Day 6

On Day six of the 7 Days of Poetry series we have the poet Laura Romig’s poem Light on Broken Glass. A curious poem that engages the reader in an imaginative quest to define, understand, and accept the beauty of love. rEaD & n-JoY …

Light On Broken Glass

When we looked at our reality we asked the same questions
Each of us had drifted through our lives
Loving others but never finding what we wanted
One lover that filled the longing deep inside
The lasting love we sought seemed
To be just beyond our grasp
So we settled for companionship
Even happiness at times
Thinking perhaps this is the person
Who would help us achieve our plans
And yet there was this emptiness
Hiding in the corners and crevices
Lurking in the shadows of our hearts and minds
Time gave birth to emptiness
The grasp of infatuation floated away like drifting smoke
The Universe in its infinite wisdom brought us together
Was it coincidence or was there some intricate plan
The moment arrived and we fell in love
Were the stars placed in perfect alignment with the planets that night
Do we trust our feelings for love to grow
Is this the harmony true love brings
Is it too perfect to be real
Deep down our souls realize
These feelings of fulfillment are true
So we move forward leaving the past behind
Seeing the love we found in each other eyes
“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
©2017 Laura Romig @copyright happydaypoet

Laura Romig is a poet originally from Fort Myers, Florida.  She is currently residing in Dayton, Washington where she currently engages in her passion for writing poetry.

Feature artwork provided by artist/musician Ted Griffin

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