The Artwork of Kevin Philippe



Who is Kevin Philippe?

Talented illustrator with a seemingly natural eye for color & a profound respect for black women, Philippe charges into his projects with an eye-appealing avant garde flair for the 21st Century.

“In my illustrations I depict ebony, chocolate-dipped, sun-kissed, high melanated, copper-tone, moorish black women who have a healthy relationship with the Sun and the universe thanks to the particle of melanin within her. Melanin is one of the best gift from the Creator and the fact that the original women posses this pigment is a reflection of the dark matter that holds the expandable dark universe, just like the Black Women is the holder (mother) of civilizations. Melanin gives color, melanin is beauty, melanin is life since a person with strong melanin in their organism was needed to absorb the intense sun rays in order to survive and procreate humanity.”

Originally from USA that currently resides in Mexico. He can be contacted at Ixnivek 

Also at

And on instagram at

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