“MAMA AFRICA” & “GIVE ME A CALABASH” by Regnard Bishoza

Mama Africa

Looks as beautiful as a dove.

Smiles as bright as the sun.

Declares the beauty not naive.

Blackened blessed skin!


A queen of her land,

On a throne of her reign,

To take an oath of proud

And Africanist splendid!


Where to find a woman

Worn in necklace and bangles?

Where to find a black sweat?

But tastes sweet!


Songs of praise never fade.

She is a lioness in the park.

She is a sun among the planet.

She is a salt to flavor the meal.


Mama Africa! how mammoth;

You deserve to blow the trumpet,

And fix the altar of uniqueness,

Of Africanism … tell the world.





To store the stiff honey smelling,

Sniff me with burning tail blacken.

To let my thought travel smoothly,

In a jungle of green grazing yard.


Give me the blossoming smiles,

From the soothing tales of the old.

Narrate ancient way of ancestors,

Riddles giggling tripled mimes end.

On fire surround the burning yams.


The returning youth from grazing,

Blowing horns as cattle satisfying.

Youth sing a beauty evening song.

Sweet rhythm to the cattle smiling,

Walking to the homestead jogging.


Give me the sweet potatoes,

Small and big laying in baskets,

To mix with cooked groundnuts,

To let the flavour evoke my yawns

For my stomach is empty as pipes.


Give me the weaved soaked plate.

Pour yams, and soup for the meal.

Let naughty kids gather to invade

The guiltless food on the utensils.


Regnard Bishoza is a poet & teacher from Tanzania.

Featured Artwork: ‘Girl with Afro & pick” by artist Natalia Murobha; “Dancing African Woman” by Congolese artist JP Mika; and “African Mermaid” by Nigerian artist Demola Ogunajo.

Featured photography: “An African Romance” by Artist Unknown.

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