God Looks Away

God Looks Away

By: Jerrilyn Moore Green

Sometimes I feel you have looked away.

Is it something I said?

Is it something I did to make you turn your Godly head ?

Is it somewhere I need to go?

Is it someplace I need to be ?

Lord let your spirit shine and live through me.

I know you are a forgiving God; it is the sin you hate. but you have never left us.

You have sometimes looked away.

If I seek your face each day, let me be diligent in every way.

Your holy presence is awesome.

Your spirit revives my soul.

You lift my prayers to a secret place where no one ever goes .

Now seek and you shall find and knock and the door is open wide.

Lord give us the love of Christ and help us to obey so that our heavenly father can always look our way.

�Jerrilyn Moore ©2018 & 2019

Jerrilyn Moore is a daughter, mother, grandmother and poet that resides in the Chicago, Illinois where she spends time nurturing her love for poetry, family and her faith in God.

Featured artwork #1 – Oil on Bristol Vellum 24 x 18 in ©2019 Richard Forster

Featured artwork #2 Untitled ©2019 by Cutzy McCall 


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