SING TO ME BY: CHRIS : The Poetic Genius” GREEN

Sing To Me

by: Chris “The Poetic Genius” Green

“Flowers Too Beautiful To Pierce The Heart” & “Maze of Angels” by Laurent Desjardins

I’d fight the sun if it got lazy and left you in the dark
Get revenge on the night if it kept you from light

When you sing
My spirit dances around the thoughts that you may never be in tune with me
But still I invite you to dance
I pray with hands held together like I dream our bodies will be one day
And one day
I’ll write you a song you’ll sing in my ears
When I place my instrument in your body
Our bodies moving like music through airways
You are my favorite song and when you’re not around
All I hear is dull sounds
Right now
I miss your voice like the music my ears went deaf to
Sing to me
©2019 Chris Green Al Rights Reserved

Chris “The Poetic Genius” Green is a poet residing in Gloucester, Virginia USA, with his family.

Featured artwork by Laurent Desjardins ©2019 All Rights Reserved

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